North Bali

North Bali - Jatiluwih terraces
North Bali - Jatiluwih terraces

The northern part of Bali presents you with inviting lush farms, countless waterfalls and majestic volcanoes. From Ubud it can be covered as a 10-hour day trip within you can visit some of the best waterfalls, the famous floating temple, Ulun Daru Beratan, and enjoy the open landscapes offered by Jatiluwih Rice Terraces.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Sunrise at Jatiluwih rice terraces
Sunrise at Jatiluwih rice terraces

If you don’t mind travelling the extra hour from Ubud or even from Seminyak than we highly recommend visiting the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. We arrived well before sunrise (not to avoid the entry fee) but to admire the sunrise and avoid the crowds. 


Early morning is best to have the whole place to yourself, watch the landscape wake up and see the ever present volcanoes catch the first rays of light.

Jatiluwih rice terraces are one of the best examples of the unique Balinese irrigation system called Subak, which since 2012, has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Ulun Danu Beratan temple

Ulun Danu Beratan, one of Bali’s most iconic temples, is found on Beratan Lake in Bedugul, about 1.5 hours north from Ubud. The “floating” effect of the temple is mostly predominant when the lake’s water levels are high. Within the walls of the temple grounds you’ll find several beautifully decorated Balinese shrines, well maintained gardens with peaceful walkways and even a few restaurants to stop by.

The Four Waterfalls: Banyu Wana Amertha 

Bali waterfall

Pack your swimwear, camera and some cash for the entry fee and get ready to be mind blown. Bantu Wana Amertha is a true hidden gem of Bali, with not one but four amazing waterfalls within minutes of each other.

Bali waterfall

We arrived there around 4pm and we only found a couple of other tourists. These falls are only about a 20-minute drive from the popular Ulun Danu Beratan temple. So if you’re in this area, we highly suggest you visit and spend at least a couple of hours around these waterfalls. 

Bali waterfall

On the way back up, if you’re rushed with time or you’re just exhausted (there are steep sections and a few steps to take along the way), jump on a seat behind one of the local’s motorcycles and they will ride you all the way up to the entrance for a small fee.

Lake Batur

Lake Batur restaurant
The restaurant at the lake offers amazing views of the surrounding mountains.

Lake Batur has formed in the caldera of Mount Batur which is an active volcano located about 30km northeast of Ubud. Many desire to climb the volcano and there are plenty of opportunities to do so, especially in the very early hours of the day. It is highly recommended to seek out local guides for these walks, out of respect and support of local tourism. 

Otherwise there isn’t much to do around the lake except to enjoy its serene views.