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    5-Lake Hike from Fluhalp to Zermatt

    DAY 1Total distance: 2.5kmElevation gain: 100mTotal time: 40mins
    DAY 2Total distance: 11kmElevation gain: ~1100mTotal time: 4hs

    This hike with some of the most iconic views of Switzerland, follows a popular trail between Zermatt (1608m) and Fuhalp (2606m). It passes by five beautiful lakes, all having the Matterhorn as a backdrop.

    Bergrestaurant Fluhalp

    It is possible to do this hike as hard or as easy as you want. It can be done in one day or as a multi-day trip either camping by Stellisee Lake or staying at Bergrestaurant Fluhalp, a comfortable hut at the highest point of this track.

    The suggested version here is a 2-day trip, starting from Zermatt, taking mountain transport up and staying in Bergrestaurant Fluhalp. The way down is a half day hike passing all of the five lakes.

    Starting point: Blauherd via Sunnegga from Zermatt (~4hs by train or ~3.40hs driving to Täsch + a train to Zermatt since Zermatt is traffic free).

    Finish: Zermatt.

    5-lake hike from Fluhalp to Zermatt
    5-lake hike from Fluhalp to Zermatt

    Detailed description

    It is also possible to hike all the way up to Blauherd which would take about 3-4 hours with 1000mts of elevation gain but for an easier version of this hike, you can take a mountain train + a funicular from Zermatt ZBAG-zsb to Blauherd via Zunnegga. This will take ~30 minutes.

    From Blauherd (2571mts) to Fluhalp (Fluealp) it’s ~2.5km and 30-40mins easy walk but where you can start enjoying the scenery. Near the hut there is a ridge walk that overlooks Findel Glacier which is a good additional short walk for the first day.

    Findel Glacaier (Findelgletscher)
    Glacier river
    Bergrestaurant Fluhalp at dawn

    The following morning, a great place to watch the sunrise and Matterhorn receiving the first sunlight is from Stellisee which is only 10mins walk from the hut.

    Matterhorn at dawn

    There were a few tents by the lake so camping is a good option if you don’t mind the cold nights.

    Matterhorn at sunrise

    The hike down to Zermatt follows the 5-Lake way signs (5-Seenweg). The trail passes by Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grüensee, Mosjesee and Leisee. Each of the lakes have different colors and look great with the Matterhorn in the background.

    5-lake hike from Fluhalp to Zermatt

    After passing all the lakes the descend into Zermatt is through a beautiful pine forest.

    5-lake hike from Fluhalp to Zermatt
    Grünsee, the green lake.
    Cloud covered mountains. The funicular goes from Sunnegga to Blauherd.