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    Australian Alps

    May we suggest a couple of hikes ideal for long weekends in the spectacular mountain regions of both NSW and VIC? Be on the top of Australia and summit the classic Mount Kosciuszko then hop over to Victoria’s beautiful Hotham Heights to see what views Mount Feathertop has to offer. Both these hikes are 22km so they can be completed as full-day hikes or as overnight hikes depending on your fitness level and time-frame. Read on, if you’d like to know and see more about them.

    This hiking adventure is 4 days long, 2 nights of camping and 1 night staying in a hotel. First, we cover our visit to Kosciuszko National Park and then Victoria’s Mt Feathertop.

    Mount Kosciuszko Main Range

    Club Lake and Albina Lake along the track

    f you’d like to walk the Mt Kosciuszko circuit in two days, leaving Sydney early morning to drive the 5.5 hours (7.5hs from Melbourne) to Charlotte Pass, the start of the hike, will allow you to start in the afternoon of the same day.

    If you are thinking of walking the entire circuit in one day, you will still need an overnight stay somewhere nearby if your drive will be 5-7 hours long. Therefore, camping is a good option that lets you go slower and enjoy this place even more.

    Read on and we’ll show you how the camping option looks like.

    On your way to Charlotte Pass we have to mention stopping by at Miss Heidi’s which is this beautiful Austrian Tea House on top of the hill in Cooma. They serve the most delicious pancakes and scones we have ever had and the atmosphere takes you straight back to Europe. Just in case, check their website for opening hours before you head their way.

    Blue Lake

    Back to the hike, the first day of the track, walking to Wilkinson Creek Campsite only takes 4 hours (~10km) so our 1.30pm arrival was perfectly fine. We had lunch at Blue Lake, just an hour into the walk then we continued on, to arrive at the campsite by 5pm passing Club Lake and Albina Lake along the way. Camping near these mentioned alpine lakes is not allowed. https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/safety/alpine-safety/kosciuszko-back-country-camping

    Wilkinson’s Creek campsite

    • Time: 4hs from Charlotte’s Pass
    • Distance: 10km
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Toilets: No
    • Drinking water: No, but there is water from the creek
    • Price: Free
    • Booking: No

    The campsite by Wilkinson’s Creek spreads vastly along both sides of the creek so there is plenty of space to camp. This area is fairly well protected from the wind but at night it can still get windy and cold even in summer.

    Wilkinson’s Creek campsite

    From the campsite the summit is only an hour away (~ 2 km). Then 3 hours past the summit, you are back in the comfort of your car at Charlotte Pass. You could of course walk clockwise and pass the summit on your way to the campsite. We just preferred leaving the peak of the hike for the second day.

    Mt Kosciuszko summit

    This second part of the walk is not as scenic as the first day but one of the most visited places is the Seaman’s Hut, an alpine hut and memorial that was built in 1928 after the unfortunate death of two skiers.

    Seaman's Hut
    Seaman's Hut

    Overall, we thought this was a stunning alpine hike that is suitable for a range of fitness levels.

    Mt Feathertop – Razorback Track

    Spending the past couple of days in the Snowy Mountains of Mount Kosciuszko NP would had been fulfilling on its own. Nevertheless, we were eager to make the most of the long weekend so we fit another mountain in. We drove ourselves 5 hours Southwest to Harrietville, Victoria. Here we stayed in Harrietville Snowline Hotel to refresh for the next hike. In the afternoon, we also drove up to Albury Coles to get a few food items for our next hike. Another closer options for getting supplies would be a lovely town called Bright just up the road from Harrietville.

    Start of the Razorback track

    The following morning, after a cuppa at Morries Cafe & Ice-creamery, we were definitely ready to explore some of the Victorian Alps. We drove an hour South to Hotham Heights to begin the popular Razorback Track which leads to Victoria’s second highest peak, Mount Feathertop (1922m).

    Mt Feathertop can be reached from Diamantina Hut along the high ridge between Mt Hotham and Mt Feathertop. This route is 11km and a whole 3.5 hours of breathtaking views. This track is also popular with trail runners so it’s totally doable as a one day hike. It is an exposed track so only recommended to attempt in good weather conditions. Also, during the warmer months, be prepared for the presence of persistent March flies.

    For overnight stays, The Federation Hut campsite is just 2km from the summit and offers beautiful valley-views. The hut itself is closed but there is plenty of tent spots around it.

    Federation Hut and the campsite with some tents already set up

    Federation Hut campsite

    • Time: 4hs
    • Distance: 12km
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Toilets: Yes
    • Drinking water: There is a rainwater-tank by the hut, recommended to boil/treat for consumption
    • Price: Free
    • Booking: No
    Views from a small hill next to the campsite

    Then you may return the same way to Diamantina Hut or may walk the steep track down to Harrietville (6km/2.5hs) through the campsite.

    Views from Mt Feathertop summit

    This hike has exceeded all our expectations. During late spring and summer, this region has a stunning variety of blossoming native flowers, making the track even more photogenic. We absolutely loved the colourful flora with the Snow Gum trees and the picturesque views of soft mountains all around.

    Sunset at the Razorback