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    You will find that all your senses will be heightened with unfamiliar sights, smells, sounds and tastes from the moment you step foot in Bali. This island, a province of Indonesia, really caters for all. Whether you are seeking an affordable 5-star resort-stay, or you’d like to explore the local culture and their sacred sights, or you are looking to escape into nature, climb the holy volcanoes, watch the sun rise over the seemingly endless rice fields or dive with diverse marine life in crystal clear waters, you will find it all on this mesmerising island.

    On this trip we mostly tried to capture the cultural and natural side of Bali by visiting some of the very popular and also not so well-known places.

    In the menu below, you’ll find we have grouped places according to their location but also by types of attractions. Then read Getting Around Bali If you’re unsure how to get easily to all these different locations.