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    Bouddi National Park - Putty Beach Campground

    Bouddi National Park makes for a convenient and rejuvenating camping weekend escape, situated approximately one hour and 45 minutes by car from Sydney. Alternatively, public transport is an option, though it extends the travel time to around three hours.

    There are opportunities to camp at either Little Beach, Putty Beach or Tallow Beach campground in Bouddi National Park. We found that these are very popular, usually booked-out campsites during the hotter months, however in Aug (end of winter in Australia) we had no problem booking last minute.

    The Campground

    As you already know from the title, we spent a night at Putty beach and we could not complain. Putty beach campground offers 20 campsites for tents only with facilities including barbecues, parking, water, showers, and toilets. Need to book and pay a separate campground fee to the national park. The tent camping spots are fake-grass platforms.

    The Beach

    Putty beach is an uncrowded long-stretch of sandy beach wonderful for swimming (unpatrolled), fishing and runs. In November each year they run the Bouddi National Park coastal run (14- or 20-km) and as part of this run you run the full stretch of the beach there and back. Gruesome but rewarding with a dip in the waves afterwards.

    The Hike(s)

    Putty beach is at the southern starting point of the Bouddi Coastal Walk. Note that park entry fees apply in the Putty Beach area only. This coastal walk is 8.5km one-way, takes about 3hrs 30min - 4hrs 30min and is Graded a 3. The terrain involves numerous ascents and descents, along with many steps, but the paths are very well established with some parts even sealed.

    You don’t have to venture far into the hike to come across incredible colourful tessellated rock formations. Just before Gerrin Point we found ourselves taking lots of photos and admiring these rocks contrasting against the blue ocean backdrop. Especially mesmerising during golden hour.

    Tessellated pavement

    Then you will pass:

    • Maitland Bay
    • Bouddi Point
    • Caves Bay
    • Bombi Moor Firetrail
    • Third Point
    • Little Beach
    • McMasters Beach

    The walk can be broken into shorter hikes as well:

    • Putty Beach to Maitland Bay (3km)
    • Maitland Bay to Little Beach (3.5km)
    • Little Beach to MacMasters Beach (1.7km)

    In wrapping up our Bouddi National Park escapade, the delight of Putty Beach has etched itself into one of our favourite getaway spots. Just under two hours from Sydney, this rejuvenating escape exceeded expectations during our spontaneous August visit, offering surprising availability despite the usual campground popularity. Bouddi National Park, with its pristine beaches and captivating trails, left us rejuvenated, making us want to share our experience with you here.

    This is also a good place to watch the night sky