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    Chamanna Cluozza from Zernez hike

    Total distance: 8kmElevation gain: ~785mTotal time: 3:30hs one way

    This is a one-way hike from Zernez (Trail 07), which is a main entry point to the Swiss National Park. The trail goes from 1430m to 2080m with spectacular views of Cluozza Valley. This hike can be done as a return trip back to Zernez, continue the climb to Murter or taking the alpine routes 03, 04.

    Start of the hike to Chamanna Cluozza from Zernez

    With a 9:15am start we entered the park by undertaking this trail from Zernez to Chamanna Cluozza. There is a 4-km stretch of steady incline through a cool, moss-covered pine forest.

    With a medium pace by 11:20pm we reached the 2000m elevation mark and a flat, narrow path and stunning views of Chuderas mountains and Cluozza Gorge took over the rest of the hike. It was so quiet and peaceful with only the sound of the wind accompanying us to Cluozza hut.

    At 12:20pm we had our first glances of Chamanna Cluozza embedded in the forest across the river. To our relief there was a bridge to cross the river and we were having a cup of tea, a water fill-up and a toilet break before we knew it.

    From here, there are 3 options to take. One is to head back to Zernez the same way, the second one is to head up to Murter or lastly there is also a blue alpine trail.

    We did not see any wildlife on this trail but it is very possible to encounter chamois or red deer. We did see animals on other hikes in the Swiss National Park.

    Heading up to Murter guarantees sights of Marmots and Chamois and also some amazing views of the surrounding landscape. You`ll find our post on this trail with some special moments captured here.

    Overall it is a very pleasant hike through pine forests and stunning views of the gorge.