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    Gladstone Lookout, a short hike in Leura, Blue Mountains

    Total distance: 1.3km one wayTotal time: 25mins one way

    Today’s hike is a very short and easy, yet enjoyable walk to the Gladstone Lookout in Leura.

    This is a great mini hike for anyone staying at the Fairmont Resort in Leura or anyone who has an extra hour to enjoy a quiet and beautiful view of the Jameson Valley in the Blue Mountains.

    Starting from the Fairmont Resort (you can also park there for free), this hike passes right by the pony stables of the hotel and the gold course. There you’ll notice a NSW National Parks sign that leads into a lush forest.

    The walk is short, easy and great to do with kids or elderly.

    After about 20 minutes there is a fork. The path to the right least to the Gladstone Lookout and the path going straight follows to the Moya Lookout. Both are within 2 minutes of each other and are great to visit.

    The main track also continues as the Valley of the Waters Track which is a longer walk that explores several waterfalls and goes down into the valley. (Check if it’s open before going!)

    Some of the views from the lookout: