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    Murter from Chamanna Cluozza, a steep trail with abundant wildlife

    Total distance: 8.7kmElevation gain: ~745mTotal time: 4:30hs one way

    This one way hike goes to a high point (Murter, 2545m) and offers spectacular views of the surroundings and lots of possibilities to spot the local wildlife. The trail follows the official Route 08

    It can be undertaken from Chamanna Cluozza (see Zernez to Cluozza hut hike prior) from which it is a 600m ascent, or the alternative is a 1000m climb from the other side of Murter, from the P3 car park. Whichever you prefer, there will be public transport at either end.

    We found that the first option is perhaps an easier and a more panoramic trail then the latter.

    After a quick stop at Chamanna Cluozza the 600m uphill led us up to the open green pastures of Murter saddle. Here, you don’t have to wait long to start spotting marmots observing you cautiously. They are such a great distraction from the may be tiring incline.

    On the saddle we also saw a couple of herds of chamois, more marmots and an eagle looping high above, making this trail ever more special.

    Marmot in Swiss National Park
    Marmot in Swiss National Park
    Chamois in Swiss National Park

    Besides the abundant wildlife there are almost 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains.

    View from Murter, Swiss National Park
    View from Murter, Swiss National Park

    The way down offers views of the sapphire blue reservoir of the Spöl river below. One thing to note here is that having hiking poles helped a lot with the sometimes crumbly terrain of the descent.

    View from Murter, Swiss National Park

    The bus stop is not long after you cross the Spöl river below. Check the bus timetable as buses mostly only run once an hour.

    The hike down from Murter, Swiss National Park

    Overall we loved this hike for its physical exercise, for the special fauna and flora and for being able to stop at Cluozza Hut for a refreshing drink or bite.

    Edelweiss flowers in Swiss National Park
    Edelweiss flowers in Swiss National Park

    This trail can be connected with Route 09, 10, 11 or return to Chamanna Cluozza.