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    Pebbly Beach camping, NSW

    There is this Pebbly beach campground in northern NSW, in Yuraygir National Park, and does sound like a good adventure according to visitnsw “Getting to this remote campground is as much an adventure as staying there. You’ll need to drive along the beach and cross a saltwater estuary at low tide.” Yet, the one we will be recounting our experience about is different.

    It is Pebbly beach of Murramarang National Park in southern NSW.

    At the end of October, we drove 3.5 hours south from Sydney to enjoy a weekend camping amidst lush nature accompanied by the soothing sounds of ocean waves. Little did we know that we would also be greeted by countless kangaroos lazing on and around the beach!

    We drove through the park with ease, into the campgrounds and parked next to our tent-spot. Too easy, we thought. We are more used to hiking for hours carrying all our gear for the night. Nevertheless, we did appreciate the convenience of having all our belongings in the boot, easily accessible.

    The Campground

    Pebbly beach campground offers 23 campsites for tents, camper trailers, and camping beside vehicles, with facilities including barbecues, parking, water, showers, and toilets. Need to book and pay a separate campground fee to the national park entry fee. The tent camping spots are gravel platforms. There were two covered barbecue areas, or at least the ones we came across and used, one next to the bathrooms but also one towards the beach.

    The Beach

    Pebbly beach is a beautiful sandy beach (yes, spoiler-alert!) perfect for going for a dip and surfing (unpatrolled), followed by hilly grassland towards the bush where the campground lies. On the northern end of the beach, you’ll come across an ocean pool. As you stroll along the southern part, you’ll find yourself walking in tranquil ankle-deep shallow waters, all the while admiring beautiful cliff faces lining the beach.

    The Hike(s)

    As this beach is part of the Murramarang South Coast Walk there is a wonderful opportunity to hike along the coast. We hiked the section between Pebbly beach and Pretty beach. This is 8-km one way and takes between 3-5 hours (Grade 4). We highly recommend this hike on hot days. There are so many numerous breathtaking, expansively long beaches boasting inviting turquoise waters closer to Pretty beach. It was a beautiful scorching day when we went and taking a refreshing dip at the end of our hike was truly invigorating!

    We actually broke up the hike over the 2 days:

    Saturday afternoon after arriving at the campground we decided to walk one third of the track from Pebbly beach then went back to enjoy the surroundings of the campground, to hang out with the kangaroos. On this quick stroll, we did encounter a snake on our path but it quickly escaped as we were approaching. It was a good reminder to be snake-aware though. Then the following day we drove to Pretty beach, stopping for breakfast at an amazing Bali-inspired cafe, Saltwood Cafe, to then hike from Pretty beach there and back.

    In conclusion, Pebbly Beach in Murramarang National Park, southern NSW, offers a unique and accessible camping experience amidst nature’s beauty. From the convenience of the campgrounds to the stunning sandy beach, tranquil waters, and captivating hiking trails, our weekend adventure was filled with surprises, including encounters with kangaroos and the breathtaking landscapes along the Murramarang South Coast Walk. Pebbly Beach provides a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for nature enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable escape.