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    Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary

    This is the 11th (last) day of our 11-day hiking and camping road trip circuit.

    Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary was a truly memorable up-close experience with some of Tasmania’s fascinating fauna! This park is 1.5hs from Cradle Mountain Village towards Launceston, or an hour drive from Launceston. All the park’s admission fees go directly towards helping their animals now and in the future. They run daily interactive tours at 11am, 1pm and 3pm without the need to book.

    Tasmanian Devil facts
    Tasmanian Devil

    It was definitely worth to attend one of these sessions and we were so happy we could make it in time for the 11am tour. Here our friendly guide gave us interesting facts about wombats and Tasmanian devils while we got to pet them. If you can stomach it, you also get to watch the feeding of the retired devils. We petted the free roaming kangaroos around the park and looked at some of the other native animals present here.

    A baby Wombat

    These guys do such a marvellous job at conservation and rehabilitation of endangered species of Tasmania and should get everyone’s support, whether that is just paying a visit, to keep them going!

    Thank you for the unforgettable experience!


    Set with countless adorable animal photos we continued our way to Launceston.