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    Bay of Fires

    This is day 1-2 of our 11-day hiking and camping road trip circuit.

    Bay of Fires is a superb coastal escape. Leave your hiking gear in the boot, pull up a tent on the sand and take in the breathtaking beach-view right in front of you. Take in Bay of Fires amazing contrast between its crystal clear blue water, its white beach sand and its orange-red lichens covered granite rock formations.

    Camping at Swimcart Beach

    • Toilets: Yes
    • Drinking water: No
    • Bookings: No
    • Price: Free

    The drive from Launceston to our first campsite took about 3hs.

    We drove to Swimcart Beach which offers several drive-in parking spots on the dunes just behind the beach. Most of the people were camping in their campervans. We, on the other hand, parked on one of the dunes and set up the tent right on the beach.

    The Swimcart Beach camping site doesn’t require any bookings and it’s possible to camp either on the dunes or on the beach. There is a toilet but there is no drinking water.

    Next up, Freycinet National Park with another beautiful campsite and more views to admire.