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    Mount Field National Park

    This is day 6 of our 11-day hiking and camping road trip circuit.

    • Time (return): 2hs
    • Distance: 6km

    With just an hour drive North West from Hobart, Mount Field National Park, the oldest national park in Tasmania, is perfect for even just a day-trip from Hobart. In our case, leaving Hobart behind for Lake St Clair National Park, we stopped to capture The Falls Circuit: Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Lady Barron Falls on our way.

    A map you can find at the Mt Field Visitor Centre.

    This boardwalk-circuit is easily accessible from Mt Field Visitor Centre and can be completed in less than 2hs. It will probably take you that long or more with all the photo opportunities that you will find on this circuit.

    Russell Falls

    The 400m walk to Russell Falls takes about 20 minutes, another 10 minutes with a bit of a steep track to Horseshoe Falls, then another 30 minutes all the way to Lady Barron Falls. The whole circuit goes through an ancient forest of rare trees of which the towering Swamp Gums are the highlight.

    Horseshoe Falls

    This short, pleasant walk and a lunch break was an ideal stop on our way to Lake St Clair National Park.